KHAN Games 4-in-1 Retro Gamepak - NES Homebrew

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Combining discontinued games from the KHAN Games' vault, the all new 4-in-1 Retro Gamepak is sure to bring fun to the retro collector in you.

KHAN Games' first release, Ultimate Frogger Champion was released in 2009. As the launchpad for Kevin's programming career, there were many things that he wasn't yet able to implement, like sound effects and sinking turtles. Released today the way Kevin wished he could have released it back then, the all new Ultimate Frogger Champion fixes bugs that slipped by, adds more digits for score, adds sound effects, adds sinking turtles, and much, much more!

E.T., a completely misunderstood Atari 2600 masterpiece, is recreated here in meticulous detail, with Kevin only changing small things like the color of E.T. himself. Read the instructions on the title screen for tips on how to actually play this game, because we promise you, it's way better than you and everyone else give it credit for.

Sneak n Peek. If you've played the Atari 2600 game, you know what you're in for. If you don't... well, just imagine how fun playing Hide and Go Seek would be, except inside, with a video game controller, with a friend who physically has to close his eyes when you hide!


But seriously, if you drink enough it could be fun. Right??? Right.

As if combining these three games together wasn't enough, Kevin decided to throw an all new game on the cartridge, Fishing Challenge! Catch all 48 of the fish, including 8 rare fish, with a 1-in-255 chance of landing these elusive aquatic creatures, and earn yourself the title of Master Baiter. Just kidding. Master Fisherman. (This game may also require alcohol to enjoy. Drink every time you catch a fish!)

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