Nighttime Bastards - NES Homebrew

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This is a homebrew original video game designed and created by One Bit Games for the NES.

Become a true Hero and fight for the presence of light in the nightmare world of Wakenes. Equip yourself with what you can find scattered across the intriguing world to maintain light that repels the evil bastards. Fueled by the shadows of their caves, the Bastards will demolish you instantly if you find yourself in the grim darkness. Their darkness. 

In this action driven adventure game, Your heroic mission is to bring light to the nine vulnerable parts of Wakenes. This is a real test of courage and skills. Should You somehow succeed, You still need to defeat the materialized essence of horror himself, before completing your task.

In Nighttime Bastards you will experience:
  • Nine intriguing Levels plus a challenging epic Boss Battle.
  • Three Weapons and essential items.
  • One Hero and hordes after hordes of enemies.

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